Submit an abstract of a minimum of 300 words. If you would prefer to give an oral presentation or a poster presentation, please indicate this on a application

Deadline for abstract submission is 01.06.2020 

Please read the following Guidelines below for more information on requirements concerning the structure of the abstract and presentations. 

A scientific committee will review the abstracts and organize them under the certain topics.

The authors will be informed of whether their abstracts will be accepted or not and whether they will contribute an oral presentation or a poster presentation, until 01.09.2020

Requirements for abstracts

General Points

Abstracts should report research studies performed by their authors. However, abstracts which describe new methodologies or concepts may be accepted. It should include data as both numbers and percentages and not just percentages and follow accepted principles of scientific research. The abstract should be produced using Times New Roman, font size 10 throughout. 

The title box

The title should be in bold font and no longer than 12 words. The names of the authors (full name and surname) should be written in ITALIC CAPITALS and the name of the presenting author should be followed by an asterisk (*). The institution(s) to which the presenter and first author have their affiliation and that/those of any other co-authors, must be written in italics and be followed by the country. 
The title must reflect the research presented.

The Text (Maximum of 300 words)

The text of the abstract must be laid out under the headings: Aim(s), Methods, Results, Conclusions. They may be preceded with a very short statement to introduce the abstract if required. This should be no more than one sentence in length.

Aim(s): should be clearly stated.

Methods: should indicate where, when and among whom your data were gathered and give details of sample selection (if applicable), randomisation and why the sample can or cannot be seen as representative of the population studied. Where applicable control groups, consent, ethical approval and statistical tests used must be mentioned. Detail the response rate(s), give the size of the group or groups and account for any drop outs from the original number(s).

Results: should give the most important findings and always include both numbers and percentages e.g. 71 (50%) were female.

Conclusions: should highlight the most important finding(s), be based on the observed results and start with the words ” In the population studied.”

Acknowledgements: If appropriate, any funding or other help provided by other people should be indicated under this heading.

e-mail address:Please add your e-mail address at the very end of the text box

For p-values, an italic font should be used for the letter p e.g. p<0.05. Decimals should be separated from whole numbers with a dot (e.g. 30.8) and thousands with a comma (e.g. 1,000). Do not include a space between the percentage sign (%) and the number preceding it (i.e. 22% is correct but 22 % is incorrect). Always include numbers as well as percentages. In general, other than for p values do not present any data to more than one decimal place e.g. 13.1% and not 13.123%
The abstract must be no longer than 300 words/26 lines and be written in one paragraph, without any indents to the left of the page.

Selection of abstracts for presentation at the Forum

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific committee, the feedback will be sent for all presenting authors until 01.06.2020. If corrections or clarifications are necessary, you may be contacted by a member of the committee.
Confirmation of acceptance/rejection will be e-mailed by 1 June 2020 to all presenting authors. In case questions arise, please contact Chair of Scientific Committee Assoc. Prof. Jurgita Andruskiene, email:
Details of the lay out of posters and the format for the oral presentations (duration) will follow once abstracts have been accepted.

You can register and submit your abstract here:

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