Viktorija Piscalkiene

PhD. Associate Professor Viktorija Piscalkiene

PhD. Associate Professor Viktorija Piscalkiene is currently working at Kaunas University of Applied Sciences (KUAS), Lithuania.  From 1993 to 2005 she worked as a nurse in surgery at the Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kaunas klinikos.
She has been teaching students at KUAS faculty of Medicine since 2000. Teaching subject – Surgery Nursing as well as supervising students final theses. During the entire period  nearly 200 students in nursing were supervised  preparing the final thesis.
Research interests of V. Piscalkiene: psychosocial aspects in nursing, healthy aging, opportunities for improvement of physical and emotional health of children and adults with disabilities, motivation for healthy lifestyle.
V. Piscalkiene has prepared almost 50 scientific articles, the vast majority of which are recognized by the Lithuanian Science Council and included in the International Databases. There are over 60 presentations at the conferences in nursing, educational science, public health issues.
She is the scientific editor of scientific journals “Health Sciences”, “Applied Research in Lithuanian Colleges”, “Nursing Science and Practice” and a member of the Scientific Committee of the 20 national and international conferences.
V.Piscalkiene has published 6 books on surgical nursing and 3 books on improving the health and social inclusion of people with special needs. Piscalkiene is an active participant in national and international projects, she was a project manager of the projects „Improving quality of life of people with Parkinson‘s disease by physical and psychosocial approach“ (2016-2018), “Promotion of physical and emotional health of children with disabilities” (2018-2019).

Marit Silén

Marit Silén

Marit Silén is a registered nurse and holds a PhD in nursing. Her dissertation (2011) had the title “Encountering ethical problems and moral distress as a nurse: Experiences, contributing factors and handling”. Later research has mainly concerned healthcare staff’s handling of ethically difficult situations with a focus on moral case deliberation from different stakeholders’ perspectives. She is a senior lecturer in nursing at University of Gävle, Sweden and director for the programs in nursing at the University. As a lecturer, she mainly teaches in courses on research methods as well as being an examiner for the nursing students’ independent projects that allows them to receive both a professional qualification as a nurse and a Bachelor’s degree. She has also conducted research on nursing students’ independent projects and is currently involved in a project on why nursing students drop out of the program before graduation.

Vilma Zydziunaite

Vilma Zydziunaitė

Vilma Zydziunaite is a professor and head researcher at Vytautas Magnus University, Academy of Education, Lithuania. She holds PhDs in social sciences, education and health sciences, nursing. She is a (co)author of over 180 research publications in international and national scientific editions; 8 monographs; 2 textbooks on qualitative research methodology; 19 study handbooks. From 1999 till 2019 she delivered over 120 presentations in international and national conferences and workshops. Vilma provided over 150 workshops on social and nursing research methodology and leadership nationally and internationally. V. Zydziunaite is a member of Lithuanian Association of Educational Research (LETA); member of Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies (AABS); member of the Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction (SSSI). 1996/2011 she was a representative of Lithuanian Organisation of Nurses at the Workgroup of European Nurse Researchers (WENR). Vilma was supervisor of: 6 and co-supervisor of 6 successfully defended PhD dissertations in education, management, psychology and sociology; over 40 successfully defended Master thesis in education, social work, management and over 40 successfully defended Bachelor thesis in education, nursing, management, cultural studies.

Natalja Fatkulina (Istomina)

Natalja Fatkulina (Istomina), RN, PhD, is a Director of Institute of Health Sciences, Head, Professor and Senior Researcher at the Department of Nursing of Faculty of Medicine of Vilnius University. She was graduated from international nursing doctoral school in Finland and defended her doctoral thesis in Turku University (Finland). Natalja Fatkulina has wide research experience in International projects financed by European Funds (Baltic Sea Region Programme, Leonardo da Vinci, Mari Curie, Erasmus plus, Urbact II, etc). Also she was a leader of successful projects in Lithuania. Natalja Fatkulina has experience of 19 years in teaching for nursing and health care students in Bachelors’, Masters’ and Doctoral studies programmes in Lithuania (Klaipėda University, Vilnius University), Finland (University of Turku), Kazakhstan (Karaganda Medical University, Astana Medical University), Russia (Kaliningrad Federal University Of Kant, Stavropol State Medical University, University of Velykij Novgorod), Greece, Cyprus, etc. She is a member of EANS from 2005, elected EANS Board member since 2019. Natalja has rich experience in highest level management and leadership. In 2014-2016, she worked a vice-minister of Ministry of Education and Science of Lithuanian Republic. In 2011-2016 was an elected member of Klaipeda city Council. Her main research interests are nurse competence and nurse education, physical activity and patient education, quality of nursing care, health education at the schools, health policy.